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Monday, January 31, 2022

LongvaNex Translates Calls For You Into Any Language You Want When You speak with any foreign person.. it will work as a translator for you

LongvaNex will Translate Anything You Want in Any Language 

Easily Translate to Any Language you Want by LongvaNex

Traveling to a new country is very exciting and mysterious. You Want to try their food and see their culture and site see. However, what might be bothering is that you can't properly communicate with the country's people especially if it's foreign. And of course, you aren't gonna learn every country's language you're traveling to. And sometimes hiring a full time translator might be expensive so you might wanna avoid that if you're on a budget. So what's better than saving money and downloading LingvaNex for free that will help you translate to any language you want

One of the areas that have with the development of artificial intelligence in the field of languages and translation, where translation has become in several dialects and is more accurate than in the past. Telegram and others, but if you want to make a phone call, it will be difficult, so we will learn in this post about this service that acts as a translator for you in phone calls. 

LongvaNex Translates Calls For You Into Any Language

The Phone Call Translator app from the translation company LingvaNex is available for Android and iPhone and is a voice translator during real-time phone calls thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Download the application from the link below the post "No need to install the application at the other end" Subscribe to the application and charge the balance you want, then select your language and the language of the party you want to call, then enter his phone number and click to make the call.

LongvaNex app

When you speak your language during the call, the application will translate your conversation into the other language that you have chosen from 30 different languages and dialects, including Arabic, English, French, and others. It will also translate the language of the other party to your native language by voice and writing.

There is a 1-2 second delay between phrases depending on their length because conversations are translated via machine translation so try to speak in short sentences instead of long ones. Thus, you can chat and chat with your friends abroad or book hotels and restaurants without the need for a special translator.

The calls are not free. The minute rate depends on the country and the recipient's phone network and starts from 0.18 euros per minute. The price per minute of the call is displayed before the start depending on the phone company or the country you are calling. 
To wrap it up LingvaNex is a must download application especially if you're going to a foreign country whose language you don't know. It's free and easy to use.

- Application: Phone Call Translator.

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