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Monday, January 31, 2022

Turn any Text You Want into a Sound Including Bill Gates Voice with Fake You Tool

Download Fake You to Get Access to Text to Speech in Different Voices 

Reading is a very common aspect that alot of people love doing and it's coming to popularity again, especially after Covid hit the world. With quarantine people started reading books some enjoyed it and some didn't but the majority did. So they continued with the reading memo and now are invested in it. Some people may like reading but can't because of being dyslexic or they're uneducated in their childhood but now they wanna change that. So download Fake You which turns any text to speech with access to different voices. It doesn't only have to be about reading books you might want something that's written to be read out loud I'm voice form for a video for example. In this article, we're gonna show you how to download and use Fake You.

Converting texts to voice is one of those operations that we have at hand with a simple click on the Internet. There are many services geared towards this task, although there are no significant differences between them because they generally use the same speech synthesis devices. In this sense, we want to offer you an alternative that allows you to convert texts to audio with the possibility of using different voices. 

Turn any Text You Want into a Sound

Its name is Fake You, it is a website where the available sounds were created by artificial intelligence and the available catalog is very wide. Sometimes we don't have time to take an interest in reading because we're on public transportation or we're walking anywhere. 
This is where the ability to convert text to voice becomes very useful. This will allow us to listen to that article or chapter of a book. However, the experience will be much better if we can choose more friendly voices than those available on the most popular sites for this task. 


For example, in the Voices of Real People category you will find Bill Gates, Adam Driver, Ringo Starr, and even Weston Churchill. The process of using is as simple as choosing the voice you want, entering text in the field at the bottom clicking on the Play button, and downloading it if you like it 


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