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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

These 3 hidden Facebook apps in your phone, and why should you disable them

These 3 Facebook Applications are Hidden Within your Phone

Get to Know these 3 Hidden Facebook Apps and What They're For

All phones nowadays come with installed applications that you can't delete and are a part of the main system of the phone. To list some like Facebook, The App Store, and YouTube wherein the latest phone releases and system updates you can't delete these. What if I told you that there are hidden applications within one of these applications which are Facebook. Yup Facebook has 3 hidden apps that you don't know about and in this article, we're gonna show you how to get them and install them and what they're for.

Some already installed applications provide essential services in the phone that cannot be dispensed with, such as network management, battery, Bluetooth, and others. But there are also applications whose function we do not know, which may be spying or unimportant, and among those strange applications are the Facebook services that come in most Android systems pre-installed and cannot be easily deleted, which is known as Bloatware. 

These 3 hidden Facebook apps in your phone, and why should you disable them

What's the Benefit of These Applications

According to Facebook, these three applications act as tools in the background to ensure that the various Facebook applications (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) are installed with the latest version and work without problems. To ensure people have the best experience, we partner with mobile network operators and device manufacturers to pre-install Facebook apps on devices. 

3 hidden Facebook apps

To access these applications, go to the phone settings (Settings) then applications, and search for the word Facebook and you will see 3 applications which are Facebook App Installer-Facebook Services-Facebook App Manager. By clicking on each application, you will enter its settings page, from which you can find out the details about each application through (App info) then App details. 

Should you Delete These Applications?

If you are not a fan of Facebook applications or care about your privacy more than you are interested in using an updated application, or you do not want to update the application because it slows down your phone, so it is better to disable these applications if you do not need them because these applications can not be deleted from the phone permanently except by using Root or computer, but it can be temporarily disabled easily by going to the settings of each application and then pressing the Disable button one by one, and thus you have disabled these three Facebook 
applications from your phone. 

And if you want to activate it again, click on Turn on the same page for each application. 

And to Sum it up these are the 3 Hidden applications within Facebook that you can use and install, however, if you don't like the idea of these apps just don't bother to go over the steps and continue your life like normal.

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