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Monday, December 19, 2022

How to Play 'Star Wars: Dark Forces' on Modern Systems with The Force Engine

If you're a fan of classic video games, you may have encountered the challenge of trying to play older titles on modern systems. One such game is 1995's "Star Wars: Dark Forces," which is considered a classic within the Star Wars gaming community and introduced important innovations to the first-person shooter genre. However, playing the game on modern systems can be difficult, as it was originally released in 1995 and may not be compatible with newer computers.

"Dark Forces" gameplay with widescreen support from The Force Engine

Enter The Force Engine (TFE), a project created by LuciusDXL to make it easier to run "Dark Forces" and its 1997 counterpart "Outlaws" on modern systems. LuciusDXL spent three years reverse engineering LucasArts' proprietary Jedi Engine to create TFE, which is now compatible with both the GOG and Steam versions of "Dark Forces."

Using TFE is simple: after installing the software, it will automatically detect the game's executable and allow you to start playing without the need for adjustments in an emulator like DOSBox. TFE also adds a number of features to improve the gameplay experience, including support for modern widescreen resolutions, full mouselook support, and a new save system that allows for quick saves.

In addition to these enhancements, TFE is also working on adding support for "Outlaws" in its upcoming version 2.0 release. While a release date has not yet been announced, LuciusDXL estimates that the process of adding support for "Outlaws" will not take as long as the three years spent on "Dark Forces."

For fans of classic games like "Dark Forces," The Force Engine provides a convenient and user-friendly solution for playing the game on modern systems. So if you've been wanting to revisit this classic Star Wars title or experience it for the first time, give The Force Engine a try and rediscover the magic of "Dark Forces" in the 21st century.

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