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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

3 Easy Methods To Bypass Mega Download Limit?2022

These Methods will Help you Bypass Mega Download Limit

Have you ever encountered an error message saying you have reached your Mega download restrict while attempting to download a large file?  Mega is one of the exceptional cloud storage and file hosting services. However, you can solely download or upload up to 5GB of records per day, which ability 150GB per month with the Mega free plan. So, if you need to download files large than 5GB, you will have to wait until the subsequent day.  First, the MEGA shows a “limited switch quota” message if you click on “Continue downloading”, you will pass by this message. As quickly as the download restriction is reached, the “Transfer quota exceeded” pop-up appears. But luckily, there are a few different approaches to get rid of the MEGA download restriction and get download documents of any size on Windows 10/11, iPhone, or Android. 

How to Bypass Mega Download Limit?

3 Easy Methods To Bypass Mega Download Limit

Ways To Bypass Mega Download Limit

The following are 3 methods for bypassing the Mega download limit, so you can download huge records with unbounded limitations.

First Method: Using VPN

Use VPN To Bypass Mega Download Limit

If you want to bypass mega download limit Mega tracks your free switch allowance primarily based on your IP tackle which means MEGA assesses how a lot of information you transfer through your IP address. When it identifies that you have exceeded your switch limit, it asks you to wait for two hours and this time gets keeps increasing. 

By usage a VPN, you can bypass mega download limit and cover your IP and many other activities online. It additionally allows you to browse anonymously. While using a VPN utility to bypass the restriction, there are many matters you have to keep in mind.

If you reach the download restriction whilst downloading a massive file or any file which has many folders, you will have to wait for a restriction reset, then resume the system of download or begin again. 

If you don’t reset the limit, you will have to begin from scratch. If you have been the use of VPN to download small files, or if you have already used your account quota to download a file and now wish to download a specific file, simply shut the MEGAsync app, re-enable VPN and run the MEGAsync app again. 

For users who are going to use a free VPN, we propose switching to a paid VPN due to the fact MEGAsync will attempt to use all your VPN bandwidth to try and download the file as rapidly as possible. 

Second MegaBasterd – Mega Downloader

There are countless pieces of equipment reachable for downloading Mega files and passing mega switch quota There is a command-line tool, but it’s hard to use. For that reason, we endorse MegaBasterd. 

This is an informal, cross-stage, open-source downloader and uploader for MEGA documents. You can additionally circulation videos with it. 

You can bypass the MEGA everyday download restriction using its smart proxy settings.  Here are the steps that will help you to pass the “Transfer quota exceeded” error in Mega. 

  • First of all, download the latest Java version for Windows from here and then install it on your PC.
  • Then, download MegaBasterd – Mega Downloader from Github. This program can work on many systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Right after you finish downloading the zip file, you just have to extract it using tools like WinRar or 7Zip.
  • Now you just have to open the extracted folder, right-click the “MegaBasterd” batch file and then click on Run as an administrator. (Make certain you have Java installed, in any different case the application will no longer run.) 
  • It may ask you to create an API key, click NO. (You might disregard MEGA terms of purpose without an API key.)
  • In the file menu, click on the edit and then settings. You can change the download location by clicking change it.
  • Now go look down to find “Use SmartProxy” and enable it.
  • To surpass the everyday limit for Mega, you have to enter your proxy details. Present, you won't be able to download files larger than 5GB.
  • You can gain access to proxy details by visiting any proxy list site. Type “US Proxy List” into Google and open the first result. Then you should copy the details from the site and paste them inside the SmartProxy section.
  • Now enter the proxy details in the format below. (Check the screen capture to understand it better.)
IP Address: Port
  • After you’ve entered the proxy details, click Save.

Note: If you want, you can enter a MEGA API key in superior settings. On the foremost settings page, you will detect a URL for growing the API key. Then just open the Net page and click on the option Create an App. After you finish up details, you will get the API key. However, you do no longer need to enter an API key to download files. This is certainly to make certain you are not violating their terms, so avoid that if you want to bypass mega download limit. 

  • The next step is closing the settings window then copying the URL of the MEGA file you want to download. Then just copy the root folder link. Then you can choose after a while which file to download.
  • After that just select the file and click on the option New Download. . Paste the MEGA file link here and then click on the Let’s dance, baby button.
  • Then, select the files you wish to download and click on Let’s Dance, Baby again.
  • Sometimes downloading may pause, but this is not a problem. It will take some time like a few minutes to finish, so don't close the App, and when the downloading is done wait for a minute.
  • This is the second Method for you to bypass mega download limit. 

Third Method: Cloudflare WARP

Personally, I pick out with WARP thru Cloudflare. It’s a publicly on hand DNS resolver that is operated with the aid of Cloudflare and WARP acts as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). 

This lets you browse the Internet in privacy. It is free and even ads-free.  Cloudflare WARP App lets you miss the download quota once only. This VPN cannot swap locations, as it does now not like other VPNs. 

Therefore, if the dimension of the file is about 10GB, WARP may favor to aid you. Otherwise, you can try any extraordinary VPN Service, or attempt the in the previously cited option. 

To ignore through the Mega down load restrict the usage of Cloudflare WARP app, and easily bypass mega transfer quota, comply with these steps: 

  • The first step is to download and install the Cloudflare WARP app on your PC or computer. (You can access it on both Android and IOS since it's available on both.)
  • In the quick launch bar, you will see the WARP icon. Then just simply click on it, and then click on the switch to connect. 
  • Make sure “ with WARP” is selected by clicking on the Settings (gear icon).
  • WARP is connected to the internet at some point. When it gets to 5 GB, it will stop downloading.
Use WARP To Bypass Mega Download Limit

  • If you want to continue the downloading process, close WARP, then disconnect and reconnect your internet. Then just easily connect WARP and it will start downloading again.
  • And that's the third Method for you to bypass mega download limit. 


In this article, we've mentioned 3 methods to help you bypass mega download limit or transfer quota. These are the 3 easiest and simplest ways on the internet to bypass mega limit. They're well explained and are to follow and doest need much work. If you find any other easier methods to bypass mega download limit then go ahead and use them by I doubt it. Thanks for reading the article.

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