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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

How Do I Fix The Can't Type Among Us Chat Problem?

Can't Type Among Us Chat Problem and the immediate solution to it only you will find it here

Can't Type Among Us Chat Problem is a common problem. The goal of Among Us is to promote collaboration. Everyone, except for the person who is genuinely sus, is attempting to identify who is a sus after all. Some players' inability to type in the Among Us conversation is the issue. You cannot properly play the game if you cannot communicate with your teammates. It turns out that the inability to type in the Among Us conversation is a widespread issue with a straightforward fix.


Can't Type Among Us Chat Problem

Most often, gamers like to take on the role of the impostor, which is thrilling since you get to eliminate the crew and deceive them into thinking you are the real deal. The impostors win if they kill or vote enough people out of office. Despite all of this, playing Among Us online with friends, family, or total strangers can be a lot of fun. But when we are unable to communicate with our companion fast, the game is no longer enjoyable. What options do you currently have? The solution is as easy as following the instructions through to the very end to re-enable type-in chat on Among Us when that can't type among us chat problem appears.

As far as we are aware, the makers of the game Among Us have included a new rapid chat tool and age-locked the free chat option. Therefore, if you play Among Us but are unable to utilize the chat function, you presumably set your age to anything lower than 18. You must update your age to 18+ in order to address this issue with chat in Among Us; you cannot put in a chat issue and unlock Free Chat. This is, in my opinion, a pretty beneficial feature because parents don't want their kids exposed to the chatty behavior that online games are renowned for.

Anyway, the remedy is straightforward, although the process can be a little challenging. Therefore, follow the below-listed procedure step by step. However, bear in mind that it will vary depending on your device, so proceed as necessary.

How to Change Your Age on a PC in the Among Us

  • Go to the Among Us folder at C:\Users\[username\AppData\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us\
  • Right-click the playerPrefs file, select “Open With,” and then choose Notepad to see the file.
  • Search for the series of digits that corresponds to the birthdate you entered when you first started the game.
  • For a birthdate on February 20, 2020, "20, 2, 2020" would appear.
  • Change the year to a birthdate after turning 18, preferably one in the 1990s.
  • Close the document after saving it.


  • Choose Apps & notifications from the Android Settings menu after opening it.
  • Find and choose from the US
  • After selecting Storage, select Clear Data.
  • Launch Among Us and then input a new birthdate.

Note: Players that are using Among Us on a Chromebook should experience a procedure that is essentially the same.


Your only real option is to uninstall the game and reinstall it to solve the can't type among us chat problem because iOS is all about allowing users to delete app data and cache.

  • The Among Us app icon should be tapped and held.
  • Decide to Remove App.
  • Press Delete once and then tap it again to confirm.
  • Download and reinstall Among Us once the game has been erased.
  • Launch the game, then type in a new birthdate.
  • When you enable Free Chat and alter your age to 18 or older, you will be able to type in chat:

Launch Among us, then click Settings > Data > Chat Type and choose any Free Chat option.

Most Among Us gamers who are unable to type in chat did the mistaken thing and set their age to anything lower than 18. If you can't talk, you'll need to modify your age, since Free Chat is only available to players who are 18 years of age or older. Either that or spend some time honing your Quick Chat skills in the game.


Because of the age issue, many people are unable to utilize the free chat feature. Those people should follow the procedures listed above to update their birthdates. Follow the instructions for Android if you're playing the game on an emulator. The same procedures also apply to Chromebooks.

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