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Saturday, April 23, 2022

How To Fix Facebook Keep Logging You Out?

Some Possible Reasons Why Does Facebook Keep Logging You Out 

Here Is Why Facebook Keeps Logging You Out

Wondering why  Facebook keeps logging you out? If yes, don't worry! In this post, I'll show you some of the reasons Facebook keeps logging me out. 
Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site, and its popularity has grown rapidly in recent years. When Facebook was launched, its main purpose was to connect people regardless of where they lived. 

Today, it is a platform that offers a variety of benefits and services. With Facebook, you can play games, make voice and video calls, promote your business, and buy and sell things.

But what if I log in to my Facebook account to share or contact others with my thoughts and ideas? I'm your Facebook friend, will Facebook keep logging you out? I know it can be very frustrating. This can be very frustrating, especially during conversations and playing games. 

Don't worry. In this article, I'll show you why  Facebook keeps logging out and some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve this issue.

So, let's get started without spending time on the intro.

Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out?

The following are a few viable motives for why Facebook continues logging you out. 


Almost all net browsers use cookies to maintain songs of the websites you visit. You can also additionally once in a while locate that the web page (Facebook web page) you're browsing or going via on the Internet unexpectedly closes. It is due to the fact the cookies have set the time while you could get entry to the web page. You can alternate the time while you could get entry to the web page with the aid of using converting your cookie settings. By growing the consultation time, you could make bigger the time.

Facebook Auto Login

Currently, when you open Facebook or the app, you can automatically log in to your account. You must leave the check box for automatic login selected. 

In this way, you can simplify your work and save time entering passwords repeatedly. If you are the only person using your laptop, automatic login shouldn't be a problem. 

This also applies to Facebook. After logging in, you can store your login information on the website so that you can log in automatically when you return. If you do not select this option, you will be logged out when you exit the page.

Multiple Logins At The Same Time

Someone may be deliberately trying to log in to your Facebook account. Maybe that's why the Facebook app keeps logging you out. Each Facebook account is limited to one login at a time. However, if the issue persists, we recommend that you change your account password. 

Time limit

Facebook has a time limit that starts as soon as you log in to your account, due to recent updates and some website criteria. If you close your browser or tab after a while, you will be automatically logged out. In this way, no one can misuse your data without your consent. 

On the other hand, if you want to stay logged in permanently, you can easily log in. After logging in to your account and completing all the settings, simply select the Remember Me option. 


In some cases the store gets over-burden, and instead of making perusing quicker, it shows ludicrous outcomes. You keep being logged out of the Facebook app constantly. At the point when nothing from what was just mentioned choices are useful, clear the reserve of your application. You can do this by going to the Facebook app settings.

System Glitches

There may be a problem with the app itself. If you report a problem to Facebook, just wait for it to be fixed. 

Over 2.4 billion active Facebook users. For large operations, errors and glitches can sometimes occur. You may be logged out due to site maintenance or other issues. 


Your computer may be infected with a virus or malware. If it happens regularly, you should consider checking out.

Step by step instructions to Fix Facebook Logging Me Out Randomly Issue

Below are some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue where Facebook keeps logging out. 

Clear Your Cache And Cookies. 

To solve this problem, you can clear the cache and cookies, Method is as follows:

  •  First, open Chrome and click on the three dot icon in the upper right corner.
  •  Select Other Tools and click Clear Browsing History Data. 
  • Then select the Cookies and other site information and Cached pictures and records choices.

  • After enabling the option, click the Clear Data button to clear the Chrome browser cache and cookies. 

Check On The Remember Me Option When Logging In

You can check the Remember Me check box. If you don't want to log out every time Facebook leaves, you can check the Remember me box when you log in to your Facebook account.
If you clear your browser's cookies and cache and log back into Facebook using your account and password, you will be asked if you want to log in automatically. You only need to accept this if you use your device to log in to Facebook.

Change Your Facebook Password

Your Facebook account might also additionally had been hacked if a person is logging into it on every other device. To save this from happening, change your password. These are the stairs to changing your Facebook account password:
  • First, log in to your account and click the down-arrow icon on the top-right corner.
  • From that point forward, click on the Settings and Privacy and afterward Settings.
  • Next, click on Security and Login.
Here Is Why Facebook Keeps Logging You Out

  • Finally, click Edit next to Change password and enter a new password for your Facebook account.

Uninstall And Reinstall Facebook App

As mentioned above, we explained why Facebook keeps unsubscribing and how to troubleshoot this issue. I hope you find this article useful. If you encounter issues with Facebook logging out randomly, you can update or reinstall the Facebook app. The problem may occur because the Facebook app is out of date or has a bug. 

In such cases, refreshing the application is typically the arrangement. Simply go to the Play Store or App Store and update the app. You can also reinstall the app if you have corrupted data in the Facebook app. Doing this deletes all data associated with the app (including the cache) and updates the app.

Report Your Problem To Facebook Support

In the event that nothing, unless there are other options arrangements, works nevertheless Facebook continues to log out you can contact Facebook Help Center to see if they can help.


As mentioned above, I explained why Facebook keeps logging me out and how to troubleshoot this issue. I hope you find this article useful. 

In most cases, you will be automatically logged out when you try to access your home page or profile. There are reports that after logging in to Facebook, you will be logged out after browsing for a  while. You can solve this problem by following the tips above. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, feel free to write them in the comments box. 

Thank you for reading!

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