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Sunday, April 17, 2022

5 Methods To Eject Water From an iPhone | What To Do If Water Gets On Your iPhone?

Some Simple Ways You Can Eject Water From An iPhone.

I understand that the new iPhone is much more water resistant and better than the old iPhone. However, splashing water or claiming that you accidentally or accidentally dropped your iPhone into the water can help in the event of a disaster. 

In most cases, thanks to the internal seal and the rubber seal, water will spurt out when it enters. However, even if water drops adhere to the speaker grill, it will not be damaged, but it will make a muffled sound until the speaker grill comes out. 

The problem is how to eject water from iPhone. There are many things you can do with water, such as using Siri, websites, and apps. Read together to learn about all the available methods.

How To Eject Water From An iPhone?

These are some ways you can drain water from your iPhone. Of course, the results may vary depending on the phone you use, the splashes and water harshness it fought, and other factors.

Method #1: Using Fix My Speaker

This is a very useful feature of the iPhone that uses low frequencies to push water out of the speaker grill. This is probably one of the best ways to drain water from your iPhone and soothe muffled or muffled speakers. How it works.

  • Open Safari and go to website.
  • Tap on the white pill-formed button to actuate the blower.
  • It looks like the fan is blowing air, but it's the low frequencies that trigger similar actions, and that's what's happening now. 
  • Spouts water and other liquids from the speaker to prevent water damage.
Methods To Eject Water From an iPhone

Method #2: Using iOS Shortcut

  • Enable “Allow untrusted shortcuts” within Settings >> Shortcuts to begin with.
  • Following up, you are expected to download Water Eject from this link where you want to tap on "Get Shortcut".
  • Then, hit the "Add Shortcut" button under the "Water Eject" alternate route on the screen.
  • After that, navigate to the “My Shortcuts” section and launch “Water Eject”.
  • Select “Start” from the pop-up menu and set the intensity level to start the moisture removal process.
What To Do If Water Gets On Your iPhone
  • Note that you can add shortcuts to your home screen for later use if needed.

Method #3: Using Online Tone Generator

This is another website that uses low frequency audio. You can visit the Online Tone Generator website and adjust the tone frequency and other settings to get the perfect frequency setting for draining water from your iPhone.  

It's a kind of work because you need to change the frequency to find a frequency that actually works.

Online Tone Generator website

Method #4: Using Blower (the app)

Blower on the App Store is currently at #4 in the Entertainment category (for unknown reasons), but you can use it to push water out of your iPhone. 

As noted, this app uses the same principles of humming a low frequency sound, simulating how a fan blowing from within the chassis pushes the water out of your phone. The app interfaces with a fan with an amperage meter, but that's just a UI element.


The work is actually done by low frequency sounds that push out water droplets and moisture. In fact, it can be used to bring candles closer and to use different modes such as gun mode and beat mode.

Download: Blower

Method #5: Using Sonic

Sonic To Eject Water From Iphone

Sonic is another app available on the App Store that creates a sine wave sound that helps drain water through speaker grills and other openings. 

You can accurately control the frequency of the generated tone between 0Hz and 25kHz. It can likewise be utilized on the Apple Watch. You can stream the sound via AirPlay and it will work in the background as well. You can also change the tone frequency and other settings.

Download: Sonic

Wrapping Up – Eject Water from iPhone

These are just some of the methods you can use to spout out clogged water on speaker grills and elsewhere and free them from water damage.

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